Arnold would be a great character in Half Life   He would be action adventure character that can use the warfare fighting skills vs Combine.He would meet Gord and be Gord's friend and use Gord's technology.He would be part of the factions vs Combine travel on this alien world.Full of action and going through areas and in tunnels and mazes.Then the Combine traps and at the end the computer and inside the computer and its troops.Then Arnold would be with the scientist and in lab.He would have special devices and have Arnold character taking on the areas in Half Life.Journey and going to structures in water areas.Biohazards.And interacting with the aliens.Taking out the machines with the factions weapons.Groups of faction fighters.Wonders of the hights on bridge bottomless drop high altitude in towers.And the trains.Arnold would put in fighter that is effective and learns the weapons well.Character that is serious with Gord and his fighters.And to get to the Combine computer and inside giant structure of mazes to the energy sources.Use of machines like buggy and swamp buggy and its weapons.It would have machines for Arnold to use his expertise and take them out.Trapped by machine vehicles.Pinned down and then using his smarts to figure out way.Imput the fighters faction and the creepy areas that have gravity gun using throwing sharp objects and maze to get down the platforms and up platforms,pully elevators on roofs way to graveyard.Combine in installations.Arnold could sneak around and fight them.And he gets a hold of elite weapons.Punch and fight Combine troops.He talks to them and they laugh to set something off.He is in groups with other fighters.He talks and leads them and talks of plans.

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