Arnold Scharzenneger would be an awesome Resident Evil hero character they can't outsmart,and to confrontation.Arnold is smart at annalyzing and is a great fighter.Resident Evil does not have someone who would standup against Umbrella and the enemy Arnold would investigate with letters and memos collected and can fight with Umbrella.This is one to get him into.Resident Evil lacks having an Action hero like Arnold.Arnold would get to improvise in Resident Evil and to investigate things and fight with tyrants.He could have much better than Terminator.Wear jacket with a bullet proof vest underneath like police technology.Use guns and weapons.He could be in a haunted mansion.Explore through it and complete the puzzles.Go to the scarey places on map.Go underground.He would be another character.Good guy that thinks horror is bizarre.And the dead from graves.But he would have ones put gun to the zombies heads.He could use explosives like he does and use tools.Use his Arnold smarts.For him to meet the gang and fight with Wesker and fight a Tyrant.He could counter Umbrella special squad and then learn with them.He talks to the squads one on one to find out things he won't tell a female.Hide the good stuff from woman.He would blend in as a new character.Then when he finds the weaponry and to fight with Corp.troops.And then he would figure out how to down a Tyrant.Unless Arnold can inject himself to have invincibility and to take on the Tyrant.He could make the story really great.He is full of action and would put that into Resident Evil when its dormant.He would activate Resident Evil.He also can guard people to escape.Arnold is firearms expert and that is what Resident Evil does not come close to having.Intelligence in reports and gaining info.And he would kick and flip and punch and tackle and fight.His judgement in situations.Plus the computer Red Queen.And he would communicate to members that were asleep of BSAA.                  

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